FRED STERNFELD is an award-winning stage director, with more than 100 shows to his credit.  He has been the Artistic Director of theatres in Cleveland, Dallas and Seattle.

“Fred Sternfeld is one of the most consistently excellent directors that I have come across in my 30 years as a theater critic.”   — Carolyn Jack, THE PLAIN DEALER

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Representative Shows

Some recent shows that demonstrate a cross-section of Fred’s work, including musicals, dramas, comedies and youth productions.

Director’s Notebook: The Risks and Rewards of the “Concept”

You’re at the first read-through. The director, with a wild gleam in his eye, leaps to his feet: “This production will be like no Fiddler On The Roof ever seen before in human history!” Do you groan with dismay, or does your heart leap with joy?
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What Critics and Colleagues Say

“Fred is a consummate theater professional with a particular gift for exquisitely staging large, involved productions.  But he also has the sensitivity and insight to attend to the small details of character development and human interactions that make his plays not only thoroughly entertaining, but memorable and often significant.”

Christine Howey is a theatre Critic, for THE PLAIN DEALER and CLEVELAND SCENE MAGAZINE


“It is a joyous experience to work with Fred Sternfeld.  There is an unusual sanity and clarity to his approach… both novice and experienced actor grow through their work with him, [resulting] in an ever-increasing list of loyal followers with every production he directs.”

Kenneth Haas was the former General Manager of the Boston Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra.

“Rarely have I worked with a director with such a talent for detail, clarity of purpose and professionalism.  His combination of a great theatrical eye, calming and generous direction, absolute control of the myriad business details of managing a production, and his sheer love and passion for his work place him in the top of his class as a professional director.”


“I have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in films and TV. I have worked with many famous directors, and to this day, I would rank Fred as one of the best directors I have ever worked for.”

Brian Zoldessy, PhD is an AEA Actor and the Director of the Theatre & Dance Department at  Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio.

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