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Use this category for recently mounted shows that you want to make stand out from your body of work. These will appear in “Recent Shows” widgets on the site (usually in a sidebar).

ALSO CHECK THE “BLOG” CATEGORY to have the item included in your Blog. The first four Blog items will appear in “LATEST NEWS AND EVENTS” on the Home Page.

After the show has closed, edit the post and change the category from “Upcoming Shows” to “Shows.” You can uncheck “blog” to remove it from your Blog if you like.


Review: Next To Normal at TrueNorth (CLEVELAND SCENE)

Pitch-Perfect ‘Next to Normal’ Dazzles at TrueNorth Cultural Arts “Sometimes, this job takes you by surprise. Sometimes, you’re enjoying a pleasant, sunny Sunday afternoon and you walk into a theater to see a matinee rendition of a show you’ve seen done splendidly three other times. So expectations are not very high. And then, you’re blown […]