“Theatre makes us more than we were.  It’s as simple as that.”

“No director in the region can fill a proscenium arch quite like Fred Sternfeld.”
— Christine Howey, THE PLAIN DEALER

“Fred Sternfeld is one of the most consistently excellent directors that I have come across in my 30 years as a theatre critic.”

 “Whether it’s a Depression-era family saga or a screwball comedy, he can be depended on to unearth the emotional truth and charm of a piece.”

FRED STERNFELD is an award-winning stage director, with more than 100 shows to his credit.  He has been the Artistic Director of theatres in Cleveland, Dallas and Seattle.

"I'd rather be moved by the human story than impressed by empty spectacle."

Jerry Goehring

Jerry Goehring

Tony and Grammy Award-nominated Broadway producer of "A Christmas Story: The Musical" and "The Secret Garden"

“Fred has tremendous training and background in musical theatre history and structure, story telling and character
development. He is a highly experienced director and his skills of storytelling are now being integrated into the Broadway industry through the authors of “The Secret Garden.” His notes have been taken to heart by the authors, resulting in a direct impact on the final script of the first-ever Broadway revival of this contemporary Tony-winning classic.  I highly recommend Fred for any directorial or dramaturgical opportunities. You can’t get any better.”

Joyce Casey

Joyce Casey

former Artistic Director, Dobama Theatre, Cleveland Ohio

“Fred’s artistic vision is coupled with his attention to detail.  He has an excellent eye for talent.  I would recommend Fred Sternfeld to professional companies seeking an experienced, organized and highly professional director.”

Tom Fulton

Tom Fulton

Director, Chagrin Performing Arts Academy, former Artistic Director, Phoenix Theatre, Cleveland Theatre Company, Fairmount Center for the Arts

“Rarely have I worked with a director with such a talent for detail, clarity of purpose and professionalism.  His combination of a great theatrical eye, calming and generous direction, absolute control of the myriad business details of managing a production, and his sheer love and passion for his work place him in the top of his class as a professional director.”

Brian Zoldessy

Brian Zoldessy

PhD, AEA Actor, Director of Theatre & Dance Dept., Cuyahoga Community College

“I have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in films and TV. I have worked with many famous directors, and to this day, I would rank Fred as one of the best directors I have ever worked for.”

Christine Howey

Christine Howey


“Fred is a consummate theater professional with a particular gift for exquisitely staging large, involved productions.  But he also has the sensitivity and insight to attend to the small details of character development and human interactions that make his plays not only thoroughly entertaining, but memorable and often significant.”

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“Company” at FPAC Show Trailer

Watch the show trailer for Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory acclaimed production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's classic musical, COMPANY.

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“It takes a long while for a director to cease thinking in terms of the result he desires and instead concentrate on discovering the source of energy in the actor from which the true impulse arises.”

— Peter Brook