What The Critics Say

A brief sampling of reviews from some recent productions.  

Next To Normal

TrueNorth Cultural Arts, 2016

ChristineHowey"Director Fred Sternfeld has never been better...I've never been so impacted emotionally by this play..." - Christine Howey, CLEVELAND SCENE  full review 


Karamu House Theatre, 2009

Tony Brown"A notable theatrical event...full of joy and sadness and surprise."  
- Tony Brown, THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER  full review


ChristineHowey“This is a magnificent production...director Sternfeld, the maestro of the massive musical uber-production, here is working with about 76 fewer actors than usual. But he keeps every beat change razor sharp and brings out poignant dimensions of these two beautifully written characters." - Christine Howey, RAVE AND PAN  full review

Ragtime, the musical

Jewish Community Center, 2004

ChristineHowey"No director in the region can fill a proscenium arch quite like Fred Sternfeld, and his staging of the brawny musical Ragtime was a prime example of his talents...Sternfeld mastered the sweep of events while polishing every small moment until it gleamed."
- Christine Howey, CLEVELAND SCENE

Eisenstein"Fred Sternfeld's moving Ragtime had more immmediacy and power--at a fraction of the ticket price--than most Playhouse Square [Broadway] tours."
- Linda Eisenstein, ANGLE MAGAZINE

violet-spevack"Fred Sternfeld's...Ragtime played to record audiences and was simply superb."

Gruesome Playground Injuries

Ensemble Theatre, 2012


“Director Fred Sternfeld shapes the pacing of the scenes with clear understanding...resonate with depth, subtlety, and dark humor.”  - Christine Howey, CLEVELAND SCENE  full review 


Bob Abelman"A wonderful production...sensitive direction."  - Bob Abelman, NEWS-HERALD  full review


andrea-simakisjpg-2f72c099f9d0e62f"The sort of work that lodges in your brain like a piece of shrapnel.  Filled with humor, pathos and self-awareness."  - Andrea Simakis,  THE PLAIN DEALER  full review


Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory, 2011

3480"Imagine my surprise to have enjoyed the intimate Fairmount Center version far more than the glitzy Philharmonic incarnation...Director Fred Sternfeld has put together a uniformly strong cast that negotiates Sondheim's songs with expressive and rhythmic aplomb."  
- Donald Rosenberg, THE PLAIN DEALER
 fulll review


Bob Abelman"Many productions are more of a song-fest than a story with songs about the pros and cons of marriage. Not so with the Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory's production at the Mayfield Village Civic Center. This is a Company chock-full of talented actors who can sing, dance and generate rich, interesting characters, brought together by a director who marries Sondheim's style with Furth's storytelling. - Bob Abelman, NEWS HERALD   full review

The Bluest Eye

Karamu Performing Arts Theatre, 2012

fran heller"A most absorbing evening...Fred Sternfeld's strong direction creates sufficient dramatic tension, keeping the audience, including this reviewer, thoroughly engaged."  
- Fran Heller, THE CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS  full review


ChristineHowey"Director Fred Sternfeld has a firm hand on the many disparate elements in this 90-minute piece." - Christine Howey, THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER   full review  

A Little Night Music

Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory, 2011

3480"Captivating...Sternfeld captures the show's swirling beauty."  
- Donald Rosenberg, THE PLAIN DEALER
 full review


roy“In the hands of director Fred Sternfeld, it gets an audience-friendly approach...has charm and humor...a wonderful theatrical experience.”   - Roy Berko, THE TIMES NEWSPAPERS